Total Self Defence Academy (TSDA) is Australia's premier martial arts training & development group, training hundreds of students over the past 20 years in North-Western Sydney, in Kings Park, The Ponds, & Blue Mountains.  The Academy is dedicated to providing students training & development that builds confidence, matches individual goals and gives members applicable tools for minimising bullying, no matter what age. Choosing a martial arts club is a personal decision.

TSDA has 3 locations, making it easier to work into your schedule!  All instructors are 100% trained by Master Kevin Laing - making TSDA the best Academy in Australia!



It is Total Self Defence Academy's intention to:

"Empower children & adults to be confident, balanced, disciplined & self assured in themselves & their lives"

The Academy's mission is to:

"Create a safe, fun, friendly, family oriented, respectful atmosphere for anyone of any age in learning the art of Hapkido."



  At TSDA we teach students the Korean art, Hapkido, a dynamic martial art, that uses the opponents strength and energy, providing members effective self defence skills no matter what your size.

Hapkido uses pressure points, joint twists and locks, grappling and throwing techniques, as well as strikes, punches, and kicks from various other martial arts.  In higher belts, we also teach how to protect yourself using traditional weapons such as short stick (dan bong), long stick (bo), sword, cane, knife, nunchaku and fan. 

Hapkido uses circular movements, along a path of least resistance.  A metaphor we use in class is a boulder in a pond versus a pebble. Water can easily flow over the pebble but to get past the boulder it must flow around it.  In Hapkido, if a Hapkido student was to be pushed by an opponent, the student would redirect the opponents force by moving in the same direction as the push and use the opponents momentum to throw or deflect him/her.  The Hapkido student could then perform a variety of techniques to further disable the opponent's attack.  

No matter what your size, no matter what age you are, Hapkido gives you skills to defend yourself against anyone of any age, size or gender.



TSDA Kings Park

Our Team of Instructors

TSDA Kings Park is our first full time club!  Opening in May 2014 was a huge development in being able to offer our students a great level of martial arts development through 20+ classes per week, tournament and fitness specific classes, and also offering training and development for our committed students through our TSDA Leadership Program! TSDA Kings Park is a family friendly, clean, welcoming and safe environment, where our commitment to your training shines through every time you walk in the doors.

TSDA The Ponds

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TSDA The Ponds provides an outstanding opportunity to learn quality self defence while building confidence and self esteem.  Master Lyndon brings years of experience and passion to his teaching.  Our supportive environment is family friendly and fun. 

TSDA Blue Mountains


TSDA Blue Mountains is our newest club, with Head Instructor, Chris.  Chris has 29 years of  experience and is currently 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.  Chris is enthusiastic and keen to pass his years of experience on.  Look out Blue Mountains, TSDA is here!